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No matter your crop condition, Kubota’s range of disc mowers has a piece for the job. Offering a fit for every operation, from our smallest DM1017 at 5’6” all the way up to our DM3087 at 28’5”’ there is no field too small or too big for a Kubota disc mower. Easy to attach to your favorite Kubota tractor, our range of disc mowers will make your job easier and faster.

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Kubota DM Series.

Kubota's extensive range of mounted and trailed disc mowers were specifically developed for the North American market. This range of disc mowers is durable, yet still features a light weight design. With working widths ranging from 5'6" to 28’5" there is a machine for every customer.

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KUBOTA Disc Mower Conditioners – FIELD PROVEN.

Equipped with features such as a fully welded cutterbar, SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners, independent active suspension and optional Flip-Over wide spreading, Kubota's DMC series machines are ready to meet every request with exceptional performance.

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Kubota DMC Series.

Featuring an independent suspension system for cleaner cuts, Kubota’s disc mower conditioners offer options for every crop in every condition. Ranging from 9’2” to 13’1” with left hand or center pivot drawbar options, there’s a machine for your next harvest here.

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KUBOTA rotary Tedders – dry faster, bale sooner.

Rotary tedders are an important tool when you’re looking to harvest the highest quality hay possible. Tedders allow the crop to dry down even and faster, leading to a higher quality product. The rotary tedder is an essential piece of equipment for farmers serious about the quality of their hay. Kubota's range of FarmLine and ProLine tedders have proven to be capable in all types of crops and conditions. Kubota tedders feature everything you need to get the job done in an efficient manner.

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Kubota TE Series.

Rotary Tedders

With widths ranging from 17’1” to 36’1”, Kubota’s range of rotary tedders offer options for large or small operations. Kubota’s tedders have been designed to follow all types of ground contours and with the maintenance-free oil-immersed gearbox, Kubota’s rotary tedders are more efficient, more versatile and keep you in the field longer.

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Kubota rotary Rakes – rake smarter, dry faster.

For farmers that need serious performance for the best hay, Kubota’s line of rotary rakes are easy to use and top-of-the-line quality. Kubota’s rotary rakes feature FarmLine rakes, which require less maintenance. Meaning you can spend more time working and less time maintaining.

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Kubota RA Series.

Equipped with sturdy wire tines, up to 13 double tangential tine arms and up to five double tines per arm, Kubota’s rotary rakes are designed for maximum raking performance.

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Kubota round Balers – LESS WORK. BETTER BALES.

Offered in 4x5’, 4x6’ and 5x6’ sizes, these variable chamber balers offer reliability, simplicity and high quality bales – no matter the conditions. For great looking bales, time after time.

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Kubota BV Series.

With silage capabilities on all Kubota balers and Kubota's patented PowerBind net wrap system, Kubota's BV4100 and BV5100 series balers are ready to meet the ever-changing demands of your farm.

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Kubota’s line of bale wrappers provides higher quality silage, with less time spent in the field. Quality bales start with Kubota’s line of foraging equipment and end with Kubota’s bale wrappers.

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Kubota WR Series.

Equipped to handle bales up to 2,650 lbs. and 47” x 50” in size, these bale wrappers handle heavier silage bales more efficiently, meaning more efficient work with less time spent in the field. With the option to choose between Kubota’s WR1100C, a 3PT turntable wrapper and Kubota’s WR1400M or WR1400J, a trailed type wrapper, there’s a Kubota right for you.

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Kubota pendulum Spreaders – ACCURACY AND PRECISION EMBODIED.

Easy to use and remarkably accurate, the VS Series of pendulum spreaders is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable spreader. Easily attaches to your favorite Kubota tractor, and with a variety of sizes and options, there’s a model to fit your needs.

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Kubota VS Series.

Kubota spreaders are reliable, easy to operate and have an outstanding accuracy in all conditions. With an optimized frame shape, a glass fiber reinforced polyester hopper, stainless steel metering discs and a unique Duracoat corrosion resistant paint, these VS-spreaders are built for a long service life.

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