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Buyers Beware! Avoid "Gray Market” Used Kubota Tractors

Used Kubota tractors, originally sold in Japan, are being imported into this country. These "gray market" units were not designed for sale in the United States. They were designed and manufactured for the Japan market and imported into the United States by individuals or entities independent of Kubota and without Kubota's authorization.

These "gray market" units are different in several important respects from the tractors that Kubota makes for the United States, and which Kubota Tractor Corporation sells in the United States. These tractors are not ordinarily equipped with important safety equipment such as ROPS and seatbelt, PTO shield, safety decals, or operator's manual. Neither Kubota Tractor Corporation nor its affiliated company Kubota Corporation of Osaka, Japan, provides parts, service or any warranty support for Kubota "gray market" units in the United States. There is no responsibility whatsoever either by Kubota or its authorized dealers for these "gray market" units.

Please be advised that since April 30, 1997, the importation, distribution and sale in the United States of Kubota "gray market" units under 50 PTO horsepower has been prohibited by a General Exclusion Order of the United States International Trade Commission.

Kubota initiated this legal action because the unauthorized importation, distribution and sale of Kubota "gray market" tractors by individuals or companies independent of Kubota adversely affected Kubota's reputation in the United States and with the United States consumer. Following an extensive evidentiary hearing in the Fall of 1996, the United States International Trade Commission affirmed a finding by the Administrative Law Judge that the importation, distribution and sale of these "gray market" tractors infringed upon Kubota's registered trademark, issued a General Exclusion Order prohibiting further importation, and issued various Cease and Desist Orders against the respondents. In 1997, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. affirmed the Commission decision.

Kubota intends to continue its efforts to ensure that the Orders of the United States Government, in this regard, are fully enforced. If you have any questions or wish to obtain a copy of this Order, please write to our General Counsel:

Lance High
c/o Kubota Tractor Corporation
1000 Kubota Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone Number: 817-571-0900

Tips to Identify Gray Market Tractors

  1. Check the Model Number:
  2. Check the labels and manuals:
    • No safety or operation labels are written in English
    • If an Operator Manual is provided, the model number on the face of the manual will differ from the model number on the tractor
    • If a serial number plate is on the tractor, the information on the plate is written in Japanese
  3. The tractor may be equipped with Japanese rice paddy tires (much higher thread lugs than U.S. agricultural tires) and information on the tire is written in Japanese
  4. Some models have no over-running PTO clutch
  5. Contact Kubota Tractor Corporation Customer Satisfaction Department for assistance finding out if your tractor is a Gray Market Tractor.

List of Gray Market Tractors

Below is a list of Kubota models designed and manufactured for Japanese Market.

Models A-GB Models GB-GL Models GL-GT Models KJ-KT Models L-L1 Models L1-XB
A-13 GB14 GL221 KJ11 L27 L1-20
A-14 GB15 GL240 KL21 L33 L1-22
A-15 GB16 GL241 KL23 L46 L1-24
A-17 GB18 GL260 KL25 L120 L1-26
A-19 GB20 GL261 KL27 L140 L1-28
A-30 GB110 GL268 KL30 L170 L1-33
A-155 GB130 GL277 KL33 L200* L1-38
A-175 GB140 GL280 KL36 L240 L1-43
A-195 GB150 GL281 KL43 L260* L1-45
B-10 GB160 GL300 KL28H L270 L1-185
B-40 GB170 GL301 KL31H L280 L1-195
B52 GB180 GL320 KL34H L350 L1-205
B72 GB200 GL321 KL38H L1500 L1-215
B92 GB115 GL337 KL41H L1501 L1-225
B1200 GB135 GL338 KL46H L1511 L1-235
B1400 GB145 GL350 KL50H L1801 L1-245
B1402 GB155 GL367 KL210 L1802 L1-255
B1500 GB175 GL368 KL230 L2000 L1-265
B1502 GL-19 GL400 KL250 L2002 L1-275
B1600 GL-21 GL417 KL270 L2200 L1-285
B1702 GL-23 GL418 KL300 L2201 L1-295
B1902 GL-25 GL430 KL330 L2202 L1-315
B5000 GL-26 GL467 KL210H L2402 L1-325
B5001 GL-27 GL470 KL230H L2600 L1-345
B6000* GL-29 GL530 KL250H L2601 L1-385
B6001 GL-32 GL600 KL270H L2602 L1-435
B7000 GL-33 GT-3 KL280H L2802 L1-455
B7001 GL-35 GT-5 KL310H L3001 T22
B1-14 GL-40 GT-8 KL340H L3202 X-20
B1-15 GL-43 GT19 KT20 L3500 X-24
B1-16 GL-46 GT21 KT22 L3602 XB-1
B1-17 GL-53 GT23 KT24 L4202
Bb260 GL200 GT26 KT27 L4214
GB13 GL201 GT30 KT30 L1-18

*L200 & B6000 models designed for Japan are different in numerous important respects from L200 & B6000 models designed for the United States. Tractor List last updated March, 2004.

Model Launch Model Launch Model Launch
AR-20 1990 KH-31 1985 RX-405 2007
AR-30 1990 KH-5 1980 RX-501 1992
K-005 1997 KH-50 1983 RX-502 1995
K-005-3 2001 KH-51SR 1987 RX-503 2001
K-008-2 2000 KH-52SR 1987 RX-503S 2004
K-013 1994 KH-55SRX 1986 RX-505 2007
K-015 1994 KH-65SRX 1986 U-008 2002
K-020 1994 KH-70 1983 U-10 1996
K-022 1993 KH-8 1977 U-10-2 2000
K-025 1993 KH-8-2 1980 U-10-3 2002
K-028 1993 KH-8-3 1982 U-15 1998
K-030 1993 KH-8N 1978 U15-3 2001
K-030-3 1999 KX-005 1991 U17-3a 2008
K-030-3S 2004 KX-012 1990 U-20 1996
K-035 1993 KX-014 1990 U-20-2 1998
K-035-3 1999 KX-021 1990 U-20-3 2002
K-035-3S 2004 KX-024 1990 U-20-3S 2005
K-038 1993 KX-026 1990 U-20-3Va 2005
K-040 1993 KX-027 1990 U25-3a 2005
K-045 1993 KX-030 1990 U-25-3S 2005
KH-012 1986 KX-033 1990 U-25a 2002
KH-014 1986 KX-040 1990 U-30 1996
KH-021 1986 KX-045 1990 U-30-2 1998
KH-024 1986 KX080-3a 2008 U-30-3 1999
KH-026 1986 KX101-3a2 2007 U30-3a2 2007
KH-027 1986 KX121-3a 2005 U-30-3S 2004
KH-030 1986 KX121-3a2 2007 U-30-5 2007
KH-033 1986 KX161-3a 2005 U-35 1996
KH-040 1987 KX36-3 2004 U-35-2 1998
KH-045 1986 KX91-3a2 2007 U-35-3 1999
KH-055 1988 RX-141 1994 U35-3a2 2007
KH-1 1974 RX-141E 2001 U-35-3S 2004
KH-10D 1978 RX-153S 2008 U-35-5 2007
KH-11 1980 RX-201 1991 U-40-3 2001
KH-11-2 1982 RX-202 1996 U-40-3S 2004
KH-120 1984 RX-202E 2001 U-40-5 2007
KH-130 1985 RX-203S 2006 U-40-6 2009
KH-14 1978 RX-301 1992 U-45 1997
KH-14H 1978 RX-302 1995 U-45-2 1998
KH-15 1980 RX-303 1999 U45-3a 2005
KH-15-2 1982 RX-303S 2004 U-50-3 2001
KH-20 1981 RX-305 2007 U50-3a 2005
KH-26SR 1986 RX-401 1994 U-50-3S 2004
KH-30 1984 RX-403 2001 U-50-5 2007
KH-30SR 1987 RX-403S 2004 U-55-6 2009

Construction List last updated May, 2009