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Kubota Cares

Powering and Empowering Those Who Move the Earth

From those who steadily coax crops from the soil to those who shape the ground beneath our feet, thank you. Thank you for feeding our families. Thank you for building our pathways, playgrounds and parks. Every time you plow or plant, you move our communities toward their potential. Every time you dig deep or build up, you move our cities toward their future. Every time you trace the lines of our hopes into hillsides, plains and valleys, you move our nation toward its dreams. That’s why Kubota Tractor Corporation pledges its philanthropic support to those that move the earth. Because you move us all.

Kubota is committed to investing in the communities where our customers, employees and dealers live and work. Each day, Kubota employees and our network of more than 1,100 dealers strive to enrich the well-being of our communities.