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Kubota Tech aims to build the Technicians of tomorrow by incorporating Kubota-centered curriculum into Technical Schools around the United States. By partnering with Technical Schools, Colleges and High Schools, Kubota Tech will help to shape tomorrows workforce through OEM certification programs, industry supported curriculum, and hands-on training. Kubota dealers will be able to hire well-qualified candidates who have earned Kubota Tech certifications. Student Technicians graduating from the program will be presented with career opportunities in the off-road diesel industry—and the partnering schools are aligned with a global brand.

The Kubota Tech program provides everything you need to launch a rewarding career

Kubota Tech is being offered at the following schools:


The Kubota Tech program is designed to equip aspiring Technicians with the knowledge and skill needed to pursue a career in the off-road diesel equipment industry. The program prepares Technicians to inspect, service, diagnose, and repair Kubota equipment. Technicians partner with schools and dealers around the country to gain the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to be an integral member of the Kubota team.


Graduates will have the opportunity for a career as a Kubota Technician in dealerships around the country. The program provides job placement, excellent earning potential, great benefits, and the opportunity to work as a Kubota Technician. Graduates will be using their newly acquired knowledge and skill to provide Kubota dealers and Kubota customers value. The Kubota Tech program empowers Technicians to be the best in the industry.


Technicians will have the opportunity to work with sponsoring dealerships and participate in internship programs. Technicians working at a Kubota dealership are provided guidance from experienced Kubota Technicians learning how to repair equipment correctly and efficiently.

Program Goals & Benefits

Kubota and NC3 work together to help shape tomorrow’s workforce through certification programs, industry supported curriculum and hands-on training. Kubota recognizes the need for highly skilled Technicians to support its customers. Kubota Tech certificates provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill these goals.

Kubota Tech Dealers


  • Opportunities to hire well-qualified candidates who have achieved various Kubota Tech certifications
  • Confidence that the curriculum is meaningful and relevant
  • Partnership with a school that provides students with skills necessary to succeed as a new Kubota Technician
  • Ability to influence future programming through advisory boards
  • Develop relationships with school leadership


    • Placement and Career opportunities as a Kubota Technician
    • Student access to Kubota certifications
    • Employment with a globally recognized brand
    • Local dealership participation in Career Tech Student Organizations


  • Collaboration with the NC3 national network  
  • Unlimited access to NC3 certification system and supporting materials  
  • Instructor participation in NC3 nationally recognized Train-the-Trainer events
  • Exclusive participation in the NC3 national events and programs
  • Shape new certifications in conjunction with industry partners