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The Challenge

Care for the environment has quickly become a key element in the decision-making process when choosing ground maintenance equipment. For Kubota, our mission is to innovative products that reduce both exhaust and noise emissions, while maintaining our quality reputation for power and productivity at every turn.


Enter the new Kubota battery-powered electric zero-turn mower, built to reduce carbon emissions while doing double-duty to lower noise, vibration, and engine odor produced from traditional fuel-operated models.


The electric zero turn is built from the ground up to improve the operator experience for our U.S. customers with lower emissions in mind. At the same time, the electric zero turn brings down maintenance needs, noise, and fuel costs. Fully compatible with telematics, this machine easily collects data to take mowing jobs to a whole new level, particularly for commercial customers who can easily control their fleet more closely. And with the ability to charge at home or at work, the new model will make recharging quick and convenient.

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