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The Challenge

How can we reduce carbon emissions while securing high tractor productivity at the same time? Green spaces are essential where a lot of people live together. They help to maintain a healthy environment in urban areas. However, densely populated areas also have strict regulations controlling the exhaust and noise emissions of the machinery needed to tend to parks and gardens. Environmental care is now a key driver when choosing ground care maintenance equipment.

In more rural environments, customers who use compact tractors for property maintenance are also looking for reduced noise and maintenance, alternative fuels, and easier operability. Also, US customers are preparing for anticipated increasing regulations, specifically in California and New York, that more closely resemble those of Europe.


Battery power.

The Kubota LX electric tractor brings cost reduced maintenance needs and cost savings on maintenance and fuel. Also, with flexibility to growers and municipalities of all sizes, it provides less noise and no carbon emissions.

Power in a small package.

This small, light tractor provides the answers to environmental, social and economic challenges. This e-tractor is easily maneuverable, which gives you the flexibility to get into smaller, narrower and irregularly shaped spaces while minimizing noise and emissions.

Quick-charge Kubota battery that keeps going.

Kubota’s electric motor tractor can perform anywhere and take on everyday tasks and more. Due to its rapid-charging system, it doesn’t need to be paused for charging, nor exchanged for another vehicle when its battery has run out. The LX can keep working for four hours on one charge and be quickly recharged.

The tractor packs a lot of power and possibility into smaller dimensions. Its compact size allows it to work effectively even in areas that are low and narrow.


“If the machine is less noisy, it’s a huge gain in terms of peace and tranquility.” Mathieu Benoit, Department of Green Spaces and the Environment, Paris

Making Paris beautiful, one park at a time.

In Paris, in the Department of Green Spaces and the Environment, Mathieu Benoit of the machinery department explains that, of the 100 tractors they employ in their 2,200 hectares of municipal park and woodland, about 60 of them are Kubota.

“Since 2016, the city of Paris has decided not to purchase any more diesel machinery,” Benoit says. As well as trying to reduce fumes and air pollution from the machines, “we’re trying to reduce noise pollution in the parks, especially in the green areas. There are people walking there, and we’re working there in the same space. If the machine is less noisy, it’s a huge gain in terms of peace and tranquillity.”

They have been trying the Kubota LX Series and are very satisfied with its work. Whether they use the e-tractor for towing, transporting materials such as soil, leaves, branches or shaping and mowing, the machine has performed beautifully.

As well as reducing pollution, they’re also saving money. “There’s also the economic aspect: electricity is much cheaper than fossil fuel,” says Benoit. “And much more practical when the chargers are installed in the areas where the tractors are used.”

Benoit says they have tested the tractors and found their range satisfactory for their work. “We’d eventually like to eliminate diesel machinery in the long term. For that reason, we need to look for cleaner alternatives.”

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