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The Challenge

Kubota’s mission to respond to global environmental threats by innovating products that aim to reduce emissions. How do we turn a traditional fuel-powered utility vehicle into a battery-powered workhorse that operates with the same versatility and productivity that our U.S. customers have come to expect from Kubota?


As a part of the North America electrification strategy, Kubota will develop a battery-powered, fully chargeable electric RTV. Kubota will introduce an electric model that not only has the work-site UV features that Kubota has cultivated in the market, but also can further improve customer satisfaction.


With a large-capacity battery, the first electric RTV will maintain important levels of productivity while reducing carbon emissions, noise, odor and operator vibration. Electric models, like the new electric RTV, will offer new solutions to new customers. What’s more, electrification allows for seamless telematics compatibility, giving customers the ability to collect machine data easily.

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