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The Challenge

Since its founding, Kubota has remained committed to its mission to tackle global issues. How can we be the solution for the agriculture industry and evolve farming technologies to face our many challenges? And a significant concern for farmers, how can we do more on the farm with fewer workers? Growers still rely on labor to harvest by hand, despite ongoing worker shortages and high labor costs that have doubled over the last decade. And, with farms increasing in size, farmers are challenged with cultivating the land in an efficient and profitable way.


With its Concept Tractor, Kubota has developed a fully automated and quiet electric tractor. This tractor, in use today in Japan, offers autonomous driving capabilities through remote monitoring. Its advanced technology enables versatile and efficient production of higher-value crops, creating solutions that directly respond to changing times and customer needs.


Paving the way for the future of farming, this AI-enabled futuristic yet practical electric tractor is autonomous to offer maximum labor savings. Designed with all the versatility of a four-wheel crawler to tackle a variety of tasks, this electric tractor features adjustable riding height that enables work on a wide range of soils and terrains. Full data support allows for optimized operations, executing on tasks based on real-time weather and growth data.

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