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Bloomfield Robotics and Kubota partner to provide plant monitoring technology using computer vision and AI to increase crop inspection efficiencies for U.S. customers.

The Challenge

Human inspection has long been an essential part of farming, but the process is riddled with challenges. Beyond being time consuming and costly, human inspection is inconsistent and unreliable for covering every plant at every stage of development. Specialty crops in particular need detailed, continuous inspection to ensure predictable high-quality harvests. With so many factors impacting a farmer’s ability to grow with confidence, how do we take inspection off the list of pressures?


Bloomfield Robotics overcomes the limitations of human inspection by assessing the health and performance of special crops, one plant at a time, with computer vision imaging and AI technology. Bloomfield's Flash service easily and affordably inspects every feature of each geo-referenced plant within 24 hours of detection for grape and blueberry customers on three continents.


With this level of data, deep learning and imaging, growers can expect to utilize more targeted field labor and minimize the need for deploying costly resources such aerial surveillance, drones, planes and satellites. The imaging enables early detection of disease, infestation and damage, with a high level of inspection that provides data to help growers see improved and earlier yield predictions.

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