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Farm(x) partners with Kubota to provide customers an all-in-one solution to manage and automate irrigation, minimize crop stress and maximize yield.

The Challenge

In places like the Western U.S., the persistent drought is now popularly termed a “megadrought,” even more challenged by climate change with little to no end in sight. How do we effectively and efficiently work the land with little to no water? And how do other factors like a shrinking supply of affordable, interested and skilled labor, increased prices in key resources, and drops in crop prices impact profitability for growers?


Farm(x) technology makes more precise water use possible through accurate data collection and use analysis. With the ability to detect anomalies, deploy aerial drone scouting, drone spraying and ground vehicle scouting, Farm(x) systems offers a suite of solutions to reduce water use and cost.


With irrigation automation, farmers will realize reduced labor, water use, energy consumption, and fertilizer usage. By enhancing irrigation efforts and growth uniformity, growers will see boosts in overall output, which over time positively impacts profitability, quality and improved yield. Not only does irrigation automation improve soil quality and the overall environment, but it also provides more food with fewer resources.

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