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Geared to Give - Kubota Tractor Corporation and the Farmer Veteran Coalition

Customer instant rebate for Farmer Veteran Coalition members.

(offer ends 3/31/2021)
Series CIR
Z, F, W,VS  $100 
V, BX, B, L, DM, TE, RA  $200 
M, SL, DMC, RB  $300 
 MH, K, R, S $500 

Customer must be a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) to qualify. For veteran to apply to FVC membership, please go to website:

Julie Hollars is First Female Farmer Veteran Awarded New Kubota Tractor

Julie Hollars of Farbotnik Farm, Vallecito, California, was the first female farmer veteran to receive a donated Kubota L Series compact tractor through "Geared to Give," Kubota Tractor Corporation's philanthropic giving program in partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC). The program, which launched in 2015, provides financial support and donated Kubota equipment to U.S. military veterans pursuing a future in farming.

When told by phone that she had been selected as a "Geared to Give" recipient, Hollars exclaimed, "Most girls want diamonds and nice cars. All I want is a tractor!" Kubota and FVC have answered that call, helping Julie realize her dream of mechanizing the work her family has been doing by hand for more than 20 years. The farm is now expanding and currently produces fruit and nut trees including almond, cherry, peach, pear, persimmon, plum, pomegranate, walnut and pecan, along with apples, berries, figs, and Vallecito Wax peppers.

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Kubota and Farmer Veteran Coalition are "Geared To Give" and Working Together to Ensure a Future in Farming for America's Veterans

In partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Kubota Tractor Corporation is helping to cultivate a new generation of farmers through its "Geared to Give" program, which aims to provide financial support and donated Kubota equipment to US military veterans pursuing a future in farming.

FVC selects qualified veterans from all branches who are FVC fellowship members and actively pursuing a future in farming to be considered for donated Kubota equipment and other support. Kubota has allocated to the program its versatile and efficient Standard L Series compact tractors, proudly built in the U.S., to meet the varying needs of many small and medium-sized farming operations.

"Kubota and the Farmer Veteran Coalition share a belief in the future of farming and the future of America's veterans," said Todd Stucke, Kubota vice president of sales, marketing and product support. "Our philanthropic mission is to 'power and empower those who move the earth.' We do this by providing equipment and funding to organizations that help people who work with the earth in ways that help our communities thrive. That is why we're proud to support FVC and their farmer veteran members. They need support to make their dreams of a career in farming a reality, and Kubota is honored to answer their call."

Based in Davis, California, FVC is cultivating a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and developing viable employment opportunities and meaningful careers for veterans through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. FVC believes that food production offers purpose and opportunity as well as physical and psychological benefits for all veterans. FVC works with veterans from all military branches, their families, employers and mentors to support those returning to or beginning careers in food and farming.

"We mobilize veterans to feed America through funding, equipment, counseling and resources to help guide the passion of our veterans so that they may earn for themselves a meaningful, financially sustainable place in the agricultural community," said Michael O'Gorman, executive director of FVC. "We are deeply committed to leveraging our work through a network of partnerships with companies like Kubota, which allow us to more effectively connect the right resources to the veterans who most need support, particularly those in the onset of their civilian careers."

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