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Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) Safety

Many tractor accidents are overturns caused by inappropriate speed or application, inattention, terrain, lack of proper ballast or a combination of these. The use of ROPS and a fastened seatbelt has saved many lives.

ROPS Overview

  • ROPS are attached to the tractor frame, and come as either two post fixed or foldable, four post or as an integral part of a ROPS cab. They generally will limit a side overturn to 90 degrees and will provide an important safety zone for the operator provided the operator is wearing the seatbelt.
  • Kubota has provided ROPS as standard equipment on new tractors since 1985, and has made ROPS available for all older tractor models. If you own or use an older model tractor, regardless of make or age, ask your tractor dealer about a ROPS and make sure your tractor has this important safety device. Or, view the ROPS & Seatbelt Safety Program below.
  • Fixed ROPS may interfere in areas of low clearance or overhead obstructions in certain situations, such as low hanging roofs or low tree branches in orchards, where vertical clearance is not sufficient for safe operation. In these limited circumstances, removal of the ROPS may be necessary. However, all fixed ROPS should be re-installed immediately after the low clearance condition of operation has passed.
  • Foldable ROPS should only be folded down when absolutely necessary, and should be folded up and locked again immediately after the low clearance condition of operation has passed.
  • Seat belts are an integral part of any ROPS and should always be used. However, the seat belt should not be used when a foldable ROPS is down or a fixed ROPS is removed.