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Three Ways to Prepare for 2022’s First Cut


Although mother nature has been anything but predictable this spring, the calendar continues to inch closer to hay season as April showers  have come to  a close (depending on where you are in the country), right now is the perfect time for final equipment maintenance and adjustments to be made before you step into the hay field. 

We caught up with Kubota’s Ag Equipment Product Manager, Emily McNerney, to gain an expert’s take on the top three recommended areas of focus while preparing for hay season 2022.

  1. Invest time in maintenance checkpoints 

    There are several important areas of maintenance that your equipment, like the Kubota M7 Series as an example, needs before hitting the fields. First, take a proactive approach and make sure you thoroughly inspect your equipment prior to the day you are ready to cut hay, taking note of any abnormalities. Review the Operator's Manual and confirm you have completed all lubrication service points, including oil levels and grease points. And, most importantly, test run your equipment, paying close attention to any unexpected vibrations and listening for noise. Setting aside some time to make sure everything is working properly now will save you even more time in the long run.

  2. Take a crash course on refreshers

    Reviewing the Operator's Manual is important, not only for maintenance, but for in-field adjustments to maximize performance. The crop conditions in the spring are typically quite different from your final cutting last year, so using the manual for a quick refresher can have a positive impact on your final product. Once you review the manual, run your equipment for a few minutes prior to getting to the field so that you have time to make any last-minute adjustments based on what you learned. Even as you head into the field, take your essential toolkit with you in case any fine-tuning adjustments are needed outside of the shop, helping you maximize productivity quickly. 

  3. Daily attention to detail leads to top-notch forage

    When it comes to ensuring top-notch forage, the small details make all the difference. Keeping up with your day-to-day maintenance and preventative maintenance will help make your production run smoother. That, in turn, will allow for a more precise cut. Keeping tabs on your crop is also critical for higher quality. Cutting during the most desirable maturity of the crop, along with equipment working at peak performance, will result in the highest production quality of hay.

By carefully completing this 3-step to-do list, you’ll be on the path to higher yields during hay season, no matter what mother nature throws your way. 

You can take your preparation one step further by learning more about Kubota’s complete lineup of ag tractors and hay and forage implements. And, be sure to download the MyKubota app – available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – for key resources like maintenance schedules, how-to instructions and videos, operators manuals and easy access to your local dealer.