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The Challenge

How can telematics help us to manage construction equipment more efficiently?

The track loader is out on a job, moving dirt and performing other tasks in the hot sun.. Nothing can go wrong. Or can it? Does the operator know how to use it properly? Is it idling, wasting fuel unnecessarily, pushing up emissions? Is it even where it is meant to be? At a time when the construction industry faces rising costs, labor shortages, and strict emission regulations, these are legitimate questions for equipment owners, contractors, and operators. These are questions that determine performance, efficiency and profits. The answer are in the machines themselves and there is a way to get them: Telematics.


The science of long-distance data.

In a typical telematics scenarios, a device is placed on a machine to gather data about the way it functions. The data is then sent in real time. The data is processed, stored and presented to interested persons on various devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Telematics has become commonplace in many industries; most people experience it consciously in their own cars or when they they track a package delivery.

Telematics in the construction industry.

The construction industry is experiencing a revolution thanks to the advent of telematic data. By analyzing telematics data, businesses can gain a wealth of insights into how their equipment is being used and how they can optimize their machinery investment. Valuable information, like where a machine is, how long it is being used or how much fuel it is consuming. It tells the owner whether the equipment is being used correctly and when it needs maintenance.


Compared to the transportation industry, construction has been slow to adopt telematics, but we don’t have to wait any longer. KubotaNOW is now available as standard on all Kubota SVL97-2 track loaders and will expand throughout the range in the future. It allows fleet managers to monitor their equipment remotely, providing real-time performance and location data directly to their smartphone or computer.

Efficient fleet management.

KubotaNOW lets user plan fleet movements and get real-time information on every machine. It thereby helps a manager stay informed about operating condition, alert status, location and maintenance control. Money can be saved by preventing small issues turning into larger ones. Ensuring that carbon emissions are controlled lowers the carbon footprint of the project.

More productivity and less downtime.

Telematics offers a constant analysis of performance parameters such as operating times, coolant and oil temperatures, fuel levels, DEF quality, and other parameters. This data lets the manager know if something is not working as it should so that it can be promptly remedied without causing further downtime. This data can also be used by Kubota dealers to provide proactive service to their customers, increasing the value of the customers’ Kubota investment.

Another level of security.

Machinery theft has always been an issue in the building trade. Telematics now offers an extra level of protection by offering a real-time GPS location for every piece of equipment. KubotaNOW also enables geofencing, which means the user can set an authorized working area on a map and gets an alert as soon as a machine wanders outside the virtual fence. The faster the theft is reported, the faster the unit can be retrieved.


Overall, telematics data provides opportunities for businesses to optimize their management of Kubota equipment. By enabling the machine to communicate its current status and what it needs, businesses can make informed decisions about how to best maintain and operate their equipment. In doing so, they can keep their fleet running smoothly and avoid costly service disruptions.

With labor shortages continuing to be a challenge, telematics also enables customers to manage large fleets of equipment in a consistent, simple, and centralized manner. Telematics connects the Kubota customer, dealer, and machine together with the right information to get more out of your Kubota.

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