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Seamless supply chain management is now possible for U.S. customers through Kubota’s partnership with Parcel THRIVE, allowing growers to connect to trusted partners through one digital platform.

The Challenge

Supply chain disruptions can affect farmers on multiple fronts. When growers are inundated with ongoing supply chain management challenges, having multiple systems to manage their supply chain – from production to hauling crops after harvest – can make their system inefficient and costly.


Parcel THRIVE offers an integrated framework of services making it easier for growers to connect to their partners across the supply chain through one seamless platform that handles everything from online marketing, customer relationship management, partner integration, distribution and more, all in one place.


With the platform, growers can streamline the number of partners they collaborate with for seed, machines, sensors, agronomist, chemicals and others. Everyday tasks like scheduling, hauling, and entering orders are automatically connected to the grower's equipment, therefore better managing in-field data, harvest and delivery data, post-harvest reconciliation data, and payment and procurement data. Additionally, built within the Parcel THRIVE platform is a free FMS Marketplace where growers in need of a product or service can be linked with others so everyone can profit.

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