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With KubotaNOW telematics and the free myKubota app you can easily monitor your equipment's vitals, receive alerts, create geofences, execute remote shut off and more, or connect to third-party fleet management tools and manage the entire fleet.

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Monitor and manage your Kubota equipment 24/7



All features are accessible from the convenience of your iOS or Android phone or smart device using the free myKubota app. In addition to the great features of myKubota, such as owner resources, maintenance guides and schedules, fault code lookups and more, KubotaNOW telematics provides:

  • Monitor Vital Machine Stats. Monitor your equipment’s fuel/DEF levels, accumulated hours, temperatures and more.
  • Advanced Location Tracking. Always know where your equipment is located. Create geofences to plot boundaries and receive alerts when a machine enters or leaves a geofenced area.
  • Receive Important Updates. Set equipment alerts and stay informed on your machine’s status.
  • Remotely Prevent Restart. For added safety and security, remotely prevent your machine from being started.
  • Added Layer of Security. Prevent theft by remotely preventing restart, and use advanced location, geofencing, and alerts to keep track of your equipment and be able to act quickly in the event of loss or theft.
  • Connect to Fleet Management Platforms.  Use third party fleet management software to easily access and view KubotaNOW telematics.
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