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Enclosed Cab vs Open Station —Which Is Best for You?


When deciding between an enclosed cab or an open station or canopy for construction equipment, it’s important to think about the benefits for each and how they will fit your business and operator needs. There are a few key questions to help guide your decision. 

What climate will you be operating in?

Put simply, an enclosed cab with available A/C and heating allows for maximum operator comfort all year long for contractors whose business operates in warmer months with high temperatures, as well as in the winter for snow work. 

For operators who work in climates that remain consistent year-round, a climate-controlled cab might be an added benefit, but it may not be a requirement. Both an open station and canopy accommodate businesses in these types of conditions just as well. 

What work is intended for the equipment?

The worksite the equipment will be operated in is also important when deciding whether an enclosed cab or open station is fit for the work. 

The benefits of an open station or canopy in working conditions include:

  • Easy communication from operator to ground crew with no windows or doors to open, causing stall time

  • Simple entry and exit of the operator space

The benefits of an enclosed cab in working conditions include:

  • Noise reduction to prevent distractions from the operator

  • Provides a cleaner, more comfortable environment for the operator if dust and debris are a higher probability on the worksite

What budget or economic considerations do you have?

We hope the considerations listed above help you identify the best piece of equipment worth the investment. However, we also understand that the cost of your new or rental equipment may be the tie-breaking decision when making the choice for your business. 

The open station or canopy option for construction equipment provides a lower cost of entry for both first-time buyers and construction pros. Plus, the open station still provides protection for the operator while on the job.  

One the other hand, enclosed cab models may tend to be more popular for resale later.

Lucky for Kubota customers, most of our excavator, track loader and skid steer models include the enclosed cab or canopy option, helping widen your scope for selection. Contact your local dealer to discuss your options, seek recommended models or view equipment in person.