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Kubota Tractors can go the Distance


With proper care, Kubota tractors can go the distance and provide years of use. To achieve the most from your Kubota, owners should follow the recommended schedule of maintenance.  Some of the key factors in achieving the most from your Kubota machine are the following: 

General Maintenance- Key tips for extending the life of your machine. 

  • Preventative Maintenance- Keep your tractor clean. Dust and mud can be a killer on paint and can cause rust and corrosion of the body which could lead to costly repairs. 

  • Routinely check under the hood for damage to hoses, tubes, and belts. These are vital components in keeping your engine running smoothly. 

  • Tire Sealant- Our high-quality sealant not only seals tread area punctures, but also rim and bead leaks, weather cracking, and porosity leaks. 

  • Kubota High Performance Multi-Purpose Grease offers superior rust and corrosion protection, and also provides excellent resistance to water wash out and outstanding high temperature stability.

Fluids – A well maintained machine starts with regularly scheduled fluid maintenance. 

  • Engines are the heart of Kubota equipment, and Kubota branded oil filters help ensure quality and performance with superior filtration efficiency.  

  • Super UDT2 oil is a multi-purpose, all-weather type hydraulic oil that can be used for a variety parts. 

  • This quality of oil has a high break performance and keeps the transmission in good working condition. This hydraulic oil has an anti-wear property that is excellent in protecting the gears and bearings from wearing out. 

  • Kubota hydraulic fluids provide excellent anti-foaming properties and have a high tolerance to water, smooth operation, and prevention of rust.

Blades- With Spring and Summer approaching it’s a good idea to have your mower blades in the best cutting shape possible. 

  • LaserEdge© is the only blade that sharpens itself while mowing. This means less maintenance and healthier lawns. 

  • Kubota genuine mower blades are engineered specifically for your Kubota machine.

  • Kubota dealerships can provide you with the appropriate blades for your specific application.

Tracks- Kubota approved rubber tracks are superior for your construction machinery 

  • Kubota approved aftermarket tracks offer one of the best warranties in the market. 

  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity by providing you with the LOCS (Lowest Operating Cost Solution)

  • Kubota offers tracks for a variety of machines that can be used on a wide range of surfaces (snow, mud, grass, concrete, etc.)