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“She’s a Rookie, But Learning Fast” Meet Melissa, Who’s Operating a Tractor for the First Time


For those who did not grow up on tractors, the idea of hopping on and operating one can be intimidating. Lucky for all the newbies out there, Kubota’s sub- and compact tractors are designed for intuitive use and are easy to learn. Just ask Melissa Morgan of Outdoors with the Morgans; Melissa and her husband, Mike, have been putting their new BX23S to work on their property doing everything from hauling wood, brush hogging to trail building.

Before their BX, Melissa hadn’t had much tractor time outside of riding in a hay wagon when she was younger. After taking some small, but important steps, Melissa is now taking full advantage of her BX23S, getting projects done around their property and loving every minute of it.

Check out the video below to hear from Melissa herself on five things she’s learned as a new tractor owner.