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Innovative Approaches Drive Higher Yields, Increased Profitability


Farmers are always looking for ways to improve yields and increase profitability. Innovation is the key ingredient in the fields, day after day and year after year, whether your employing technological advancements, new operational practices or products, or all of those combined.

The Great Plains “Systems Approach” to raising crops can help. The team has a research-based agronomic system to help provide solutions to the many challenges farmers face across five important areas:

1.     Seedbed Preparation

2.     Nutrient Application and Placement

3.     Seeding Accuracy

4.     Narrow Row or Twin-Row Spacing

5.     Cover Crops

Great Plains Systems Approach

Click here to learn more about the Great Plains Systems Approach. You can learn to integrate individual practices within each component to benefit yields, or better yet learn how to practice multiple methods to experience larger yield increases and enhance overall profitability.

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