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Kubota Compact Tractors: A History of Looking Ahead


In the late 1960s, the compact tractor segment was just emerging among its much larger predecessors. It was during this time that the first, little orange tractor from Kubota appeared in the U.S. marketplace, filling a much-needed void and quickly gaining fame in this new tractor segment. The Kubota L200 was a smaller and nimbler tractor than ever seen before and it quickly made its mark in helping America get more done. While the compact tractor segment has certainly evolved over the years, Kubota has remained a category leader to this day with the L Series as its flagship product, making Kubota the top selling compact tractor brand in the country – a spot it has proudly maintained for more than a decade.*

That same innovative spirit and drive that brought the L Series to market in the 1960s continues to propel Kubota forward in the compact tractor marketplace today. In fact, in recent years Kubota has delivered machines ranging from 18 to 210** horsepower with all the power, comfort and versatility needed to tackle a range of applications.

Here’s a look at today’s Kubota sub-compact and compact tractor lineup, ranging from 16.6 - 62.0 Gross horsepower and ideal for home and property owners alike to manage estate maintenance chores and small farming needs.

Small in Stature, Big on Versatility: Kubota’s Pioneering Sub-Compact Tractor Series

Back in the 60s, a compact tractor was a novel concept. Then, in 2000, Kubota shook the residential equipment market again when it went even smaller, creating the sub-compact tractor segment with the introduction of its BX Series. Today’s BX80 Series combines Kubota reliability and power with unmatched versatility and intuitive, easy-to-operate design that is sure to be the sharpest looking tool in any garage. 

The BX80 Series of sub-compact 4WD diesel tractors, includes the BX1880, BX2380, BX2680 is ideal for residential property owners, for loading, mowing, tilling and snow removal with an array of performance-matched attachments and implements, including mid-mount mower decks, operator-friendly Swift-Tach front loaders, front- and rear-mounted snow blowers, and a full line of industry-leading Land Pride implements. And the BX23S comes with an exclusive Swift-Tach Loader and Swift-Connect Backhoe as standard equipment.

Compact B and L Series Deliver More Power and Comfort than Ever Before

Moving up the line the line, Kubota’s B Series first hit the market in the mid-1970s, and while smaller than its original L Series, it delivered four-wheel drive, two-cylinder, diesel compact tractors. This was the industry’s first four-wheel-drive compact tractor, shaking up the market yet again. By the late 70s, the company introduced innovative hydrostatic transmission (HST) on the B Series, enabling it to quickly become Kubota’s biggest seller. This compact tractor performed better on rough terrain and in mud, thanks to power allocated to all four wheels, and was widely accepted by farmers, landscapers, estate owners and rental stores to name a few. After this, Kubota innovative four-wheel drive became the “must have” tractor feature for smart compact tractor buyers, setting new industry standards unheard of by leading competitors and putting Kubota well on its way to becoming America’s best-selling line of compact tractors. 

What’s New for the B Series Lineup 

In early 2020, Kubota unveiled its newest compact tractor, the B2401, adding two models to its popular B01 Series of compact tractors – the B2401DT and the B2401DT Narrow. Both models come standard with a gear drive transmission and boast a 21.9 gross horsepower Kubota diesel engine at an affordable price point. 

Introducing Kubota’s New B2401 Compact Tractor: The Power of Gear Drive Now Available on Kubota’s Flagship Compact Tractor Line

Whether mowing lawns, working light construction or landscaping, the B01 Series has an operator-friendly compact tractor for the job. Kubota launched the B01 Series with the B2301 and B2601 in 2019; now, the B2401 rounds-out the compact tractor series with a wider range of industry-leading power and comfort features.

“Kubota established the B Series tractor line over 46 years ago, and today we are adding a gear drive transmission to the current lineup that raises the bar in power and productivity for the entire category,” said Kelcey Cockrell, Kubota product manager. “With this model, residential and professional operators alike will experience a new level of power and control, especially when operating front, mid, and rear implements.”

The L Series Lineup and What’s New

From humble beginnings to what is now Kubota’s most popular line, the L Series offers a wide range of tractors from the Standard L01 Series to the Grand L60 Series. Any tractor in the L Series line will get the job done with improved performance and in comfort with a revamped design. And, the L3301, L3901 and their coorresponding loaders and backhoes are assembled right here in the U.S.  

New this year, Kubota announced the availability of its LX Series to its compact tractor line. Bridging the gap between Kubota’s L and B Series compact tractors, the new LX Series offers three models including the affordable entry-level LX2610SU model and the well-equipped LX2610 and LX3310, which also have an available factory cab option.

Kubota’s LX Series compact tractor line offers three models with the versatility to easily tackle rural residential tasks while providing the power and comfort to handle commercial applications as well.

Designed with both large estate and commercial operators in mind, the LX Series is powered by world-renowned Kubota diesel engines ranging from 24.9 to 30.8 gross engine horsepower. The LX3310 model features a Kubota Common Rail System diesel engine that provides better fuel economy and lower emissions as well a high level of power, torque and performance, even in cold weather.

“The LX Series is the perfect year-round, do-it-all tractor for customers who need the size and maneuverability of our B Series but also want the increased power and functionality of the L Series,” said Kelcey Cockrell, Kubota product manager. “It’s really the best of both worlds that gives you the versatility to work in the lawn or garden but can also take on those heavy-duty loader applications.” 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Kubota’s hard-working compact or sub-compact tractors, contact your authorized Kubota dealer -- they are well-suited to answer your questions and help you select the perfect machine that matches your operation. 

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*Claim based on EDA/USS data for the period of 6/2007 through 6/2017 for new tractor sales in the Under 40 HP Utility Tractor, Utility Loader and Utility TLB Categories.

**factory estimated rating