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How to Choose Between A Snow Blade & A Snow-Blower – Pro & Con Comparison


Snow be darned!

By now, many of you across the United States are dealing with snow. That postcard-pretty, but occasionally aggravating white stuff. And maybe you’re really lucky and you can stay home on snowy days, but most of us have to push through and do our jobs, snow be darned.

Kubota has the snow removal tools to help.

Whether that means clearing a driveway, a path, or a commercial parking lot, there are a few immediate options for dealing with snow. First, since maybe you’re really lucky, you can pay someone to clear your snow. But most of us will go the DIY route and use a snow-blower or snow blade to remove the snow. There are advantages to using either, so how do you choose? We’ve gathered some tips, so you can select the approach that works best for you.

Blades versus blowers.

As you know, a snow blade is affixed to the front of the vehicle, and pushes snow out of your way, a super simple mechanical process. Yet this simplicity of design offers several operational advantages:

  • They’re easy to use. And with a minimum of care they can last years.
  • They have few mechanical components which can break down and need repair or replacing.
  • They can clear large areas faster than a blower. And they handle heavy, wet snow far better.

But there are also several snow blade limitations to consider:

  • They provide limited visibility of the areas you’re clearing. Caution must be used!
  • They’re large, heavy attachments, and they can do structural damage to parking lots, barriers, lawns and property hardscapes.
  • Precise clearing is harder to achieve with the snow blade, due to its large size.

Conversely, the snow blower uses a rotating, spiral blade to lift the snow and propel it in a sideward direction. It offers advantages of its own:

  • With a snow blower, you can see most of what’s in front of you. So, you rarely damage your property’s land or hardscape.
  • Made in a range of sizes, blowers are easier to use on smaller projects, like sidewalks and driveways.
  • Their smaller size makes them more maneuverable than a blade.

But there are a few considerations to using a snow blower:

  • Maintenance, in the form of a yearly inspection, is necessary.
  • Mechanical function of the blower is more complex than the blade.
  • Multiple passes can be required to properly clear areas that aren’t completely flat.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!

So, that’s a general comparison of the two tools. And we hope we’ve provided sufficient information to help you choose between the two. (Unless, of course, you choose to have both, which is a fantastic option but not available to everyone.) Before you choose, you should take time to research the kind of snow you typically get, the frequency and length of the snow season. Those factors can impact your purchase decision. Finally, for your research convenience, here is Kubota’s lineup of outstanding snow tools:

SBL25 SNOW BLOWERS: These snow blowers remove snow from parking lots, farm yards, feedlots, drive-ways, walking paths and sidewalks in residential and commercial areas. Check out their specifications.


SSP15 SNOW PUSHERS: The SSP15 pushes snow and other loose materials straight ahead without leaving windrows on the side or damaging the pavement below when using the optional rubber snow blade. Check out their specifications.


SSP25 SNOW PUSHERS : Push snow and slush straight ahead without leaving windrows or use the optional pull back blade to remove snow close to garage doors. Check out their specifications.

TE35 TRIP BLADE: The TE35 Series Trip Edge Blade is a construction-grade blade for contractors and landscapers alike. These units can be used for snow removal, landscaping, and other dirt working tasks. Check out their specifications.


But before you start on last night’s snow:

What’s hiding beneath that snow? Any rocks? Concrete barriers? The last thing you want to do is hit something and damage your equipment, or even hurt yourself. So, make certain you know something about the area you’re working, and proceed with caution!

If you have additional questions about snow removal, or to learn which snow removal accessory will work best for you, contact your authorized Kubota dealer. They have the answers, and are excited to help you choose.

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