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Why Buy: BX Series Sub-Compact Tractor


Made in America:

Kubota proudly employs nearly 2,400 team members who manufacture and assemble the BX Series sub compact tractors at Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) in Gainesville, Georgia. In addition to tractors, KMA and Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE) also manufactures implements such as mower decks, loaders, and backhoes for the BX and other Kubota series, all in Georgia, USA.


When KMA began operations in 1988 the first products they manufactured were tractor implements such as backhoes and front loaders. As Kubota’s North American production base for tractors, KMA then began producing the T Series of lawn tractors for grass cutting in 1994.

Over the years, KMA would introduce several additional tractor products including:

  • The G Series lawn and garden tractor.
  • The BX Series general-use subcompact tractor.
  • The GR Series lawn tractor.
  • The ZD Series zero turn mower.
  • The BX22 All-Purpose Residential Tractor.
  • The RTV Series rough terrain vehicle.

Better for Consumers:

Unlike a majority of tractor and agriculture equipment brands, Kubota makes most of their parts (including the award-winning Kubota engines) in Kubota owned-and-operated factories. This ensures all of Kubota’s product parts will be held to the highest possible standards, and makes it easier for customers to find replacement parts.

5-Gen Do Jo:

KMA has also established a 5-GEN training center known as the 5-GEN Do Jo for North America to teach the 5-GEN principles to Kubota employees. The 5-GEN principles include:

  • GEN-ba - This means the "Actual Place". Using this principle, we understand that in order to improve, we must first go to the Actual Place where the operation or activity is taking place.
  • GEN-butsu - This means the "Actual Thing". The actual thing may be a product, tools or process to be improved.
  • GEN-jitsu - This means the "Actual Condition." It is critical that we be able to see the actual condition so we can compare it to the theory and the standards to understand where to focus improvement efforts.
  • GEN-ri - This refers to "Principles" or "Theory."
  • GEN-soku - This refers to "Fundamental Rules" or "Standards."

These principles inform Kubota’s manufacturing philosophy, and all work done in Kubota’s Gainesville, Georgia factory is held to these 5-GEN principles.

America’s Top-Selling Brand:

Even with this track record of success, innovation, and commitment to performance, the BX series may be the most impressive Kubota series to ever be produced at KMA. The BX Series is America’s top-selling sub-compact tractor series of the decade, and for good reason.

The BX Series combines the versatile size and agility needed by homeowners, and the power and reliability demanded by agriculture professionals. Its smaller size makes it more maneuverable in tight spaces and easy to store when not in use, and its award-winning Kubota diesel engine gives the BX series plenty of horsepower to handle the most demanding jobs.

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