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Sub-Compact Tractor Comparison: BX2380 Vs. Mahindra EMAX25



The Kubota BX2380 is the best bang-for-your-buck sub-compact tractor on the market. To prove this, we’ve highlighted the differences between the Kubota and one of its top competitors, the Mahindra EMAX25.


The Kubota BX2380 features the innovative and Kubota exclusive Swift-Tach loader technology. This allows you to remove the front-end loader in less than 60 seconds, without having to leave the operator’s station.

Being able to easily remove your front-end loader is a very important feature:

  • Removing the loader helps prevent ground compaction and turf damage when mowing.
  • It also reduces your turning radius when working in confined areas or around trees.
  • When using one tractor for several jobs, you’ll find that being able to quickly remove your front loader will make your job faster and easier.

That’s why it’s so important that the BX2380 front loader can be removed quickly in four easy steps, without leaving the operator’s station.

The Mahindra EMAX25 has no easy way to remove the front-end loader. To remove a Mahindra loader, the user is required to get on and off the tractor several times, and additional parts that are used exclusively for removing and attaching loaders are required.

The Cab:

The Kubota BX2380 features a modern and ergonomic operator’s station with intuitive controls. With a flat operating station, tilt steering and a deluxe seat with armrest, the BX2380 offers comfort that is second to none in this class of tractor. Add to that the ergonomic placement of levers and the modern instrument panel and you have one of the finest operator’s stations ever offered on a sub-compact tractor.

Features include:

  • Modern Dash Panel: Easy to read and features an important engine temperature gauge.
  • Deluxe Seat: To keep the operator comfortable during the most grueling jobs.
  • Tilted steering wheel: Allowing the user to maximize comfort.
  • Kubota Treadle Pedal Design: Effortlessly change speed and direction using Kubota’s forward and reverse treadle pedals, all on a roomy floor space.
  • Fender Mounted Front Loader Joystick: Allows for easy use and less fatigue, even when working long hours.
  • Kubota Heated Cab: Optional dealer installed cab offers additional protection and comfort from the cold.
  • Cruise Control: Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the HST pedal.
  • Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS): At a height of less that 84" there’s no need to fold the Kubota’s ROPS when storing it in a standard garage.

The Mahindra’s display is antiquated in comparison, even lacking an engine temperature gauge, and does not include basic ergonomic features such as deluxe seating, tilted steering wheel, or intuitive joystick placement. Similarly, the Mahindra’s floor space is cluttered and cramped, and lacks a treadle pedal. Additionally, the Mahindra’s large ROPS requires folding to fit through a standard size garage door.


Kubota believes that yard work shouldn’t have to be hard work. That’s why the BX2380 offers multiple high performance, mid-mount mower deck options.

Key Features:

  • Commercial Grade Materials: Professional design equals professional results.
  • Standard and Drive-Over Deck Options: Choose the mounting type that best fits your needs with either our Standard or our Easy-Over mid-mount mower deck options.
  • Multiple Sizes: With 54” and 60” models available, Kubota has the right size deck for you.
  • Mulch Kits: Available for users wanting to mulch their grass.
  • Bagger Kits: Baggers available for cleaning up grass clippings and yard debris.

The Mahindra, however is limited in options, including that it can mow with a drive-over deck exclusively.


The BX2380 has a fully opening hood, allowing for ease of service to its Kubota built engine, whereas the Mahindra is very difficult to service – with limited engine access, and the requirement to remove body panels.

Low Clearance ROPS:

The Kubota BX2380’s Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) height is less than seven feet, making storage in a garage or shed a snap. The Mahindra ROPS is over 7 feet tall, meaning it needs to be folded, even for simple storage.


The Kubota BX2380 not only excels in its technology, performance, and user experience – it’s build exclusively from Kubota parts, including its Kubota diesel engine. The Mahindra EMAX25 is actually a rebranded tractor, made by Tong Yang Moolsan Tractor Company.


Like all of Kubota’s compact tractors, the BX2380 is designed and built from the ground up by Kubota – nothing beats the reliability and performance of a Kubota.

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