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The Challenge

Today, farmers are working longer and longer hours. This leads to operator fatigue and inefficient use of inputs including seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel for even the most experienced operators.


Our Wheelman Pro and Wheelman Flex products provide farmers with affordable autosteering technology can be used on their existing machines to till, plant or spray as accurately as a new tractor. Autosteering systems reduce skips and pass-to-pass overlaps by recording areas already covered. Installing the products is simple, no special tools are needed, and it can be moved from one tractor to another in less than an hour.


The Wheelman products are designed to improve activities on the farm. They improve the accuracy of tilling, planting and spraying in field preparation. At the same time, they lower input costs by more efficiently applying seed, fertilizer and chemicals. Harvesting of nearly every inch of crop in the field is feasible with this autosteering system. All these efficiencies positively impact the environment by reducing the need for fuel, water and fertilizer.

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