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The M5660 Special Utility tractor is specifically designed for the farmer with 10-75 acres that requires a high performing tractor at an excellent value. The M5660SU redefines value by providing deluxe features such as hydraulic shuttle, standard rear remote valve and telescopic 3-point link ends.


Hydraulic Shuttle Transmission

The hydraulic shuttle allows for clutchless forward and reverse direction changes. With a fully synchronized main shift transmission, the M5660SU has easy on-the-go shifting to accomplish any task with ease.

Operator Comfort

  • Spacious and comfortable operator station with ergonomic controls
  • High-back, adjustable suspension seat with retractable seat belt
  • New dash panel with LCD display – Easy-to-read gauges and indicators include a fuel consumption meter, parking indicator, ECU and fault code indicators
  • High capacity fuel tank (17.7 gallons) to keep you working longer between fill-ups

Live-Independent Hydraulic PTO

The M5660SU offers smooth and self-modulating hydraulic independent PTO, allowing the operation of the PTO to work independently of the tractor’s speed or direction. The PTO brake will smoothly slow down the implement to a safe stop. The shaft can be rotated 60 degrees for easy hook-up, even while the engine is off. If you're looking for an economical alternative, M5660SU models offer an optional economy PTO. This system can save you money, as well as reduce operating noise by allowing the PTO to run at 540 rpm when the engine is at 1828 rpm instead of 2295 rpm in standard mode.

Constant RPM Management

The M5660SU is equipped with a constant rpm management system that maintains a constant rpm regardless of the terrain or load. When traveling across hilly terrain or with varying loads, simply turn the Constant RPM Management switch to "On” and the M5660SU will maintain a constant travel speed as well as a constant PTO rpm when using PTO-driven implements. Constant rpm management improves work accuracy without the need to constantly adjust the engine throttle to maintain travel speed and PTO shaft rpm.

Hydraulic Remote Valve

When the task calls for hydraulics on the rear of the tractor, a Self-Canceling Detent remote valve comes standard on the M5660SU, adding more productivity, versatility and value to this standard economy tractor.

Tight Turning Radius

The M5660SU has the time tested Kubota bevel gear front axle. The bevel gear axle allows for low maintenance, exceptional turning radius and better ground clearance when compared to traditional u-joint front axles.

Powerful and Clean Running Engine

The M5660SU takes tractor performance to the next level in power, even as it reduces emissions. The powerful 56 HP engine features Electronic Common Rail direct fuel injection for better fuel economy. For cleaner emissions, the Common Rail System (CRS) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) work together to ensure compliance with the latest EPA Tier 4 final emission regulations.

Telescopic 3-Point Hitch and Stabilizers

Attaching rear 3-point hitch implements can be cumbersome on an economy tractor, but not with the M5660SU thanks to the telescopic lower link ends and stabilizers. The hitch provides ample lifting power – up to 3307 lbs. at 24 inches behind the lift point for those heavy duty implements.

Most Popular Implements

Front Loader (LA1154SU)

Ideal for farm work, the M5660SU's front loader is fully integrated, with a slanted boom that offers greater visibility and cleaner sight lines to the sides of the bucket and loader. The curved look is sleek, matching the lines of the hood and the tractor's overall design. Ideal for attaching buckets, bale spears and grapples, the front loader features:
• Sturdy steel frame
• Quick-mount attach/detach
• 2-lever quick coupler
• 4-bar linkage
• Optional 3rd function valve
• Height Position or Power Position
• Joystick control
• Protected cylinder tubes


Rotary Cutters

Land Pride Rotary Cutters clear grass, weeds, and varying sizes of brush depending on model selection. Applications include  rural acreage, open spaces, row crops, roadside maintenance, and general farm maintenance. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Bale Spears

With Land Pride Bale Spears you can quickly move large round or square bales, depending on model selection, around your farm or ranch. Models are available with 1 up to 4 spears to fit your application. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Box Scrapers

Land Pride Box Scrapers are ideal in ripping, leveling, finish grading, and back filling applications at outdoor arenas and building sites, or for maintenance operations on farms and ranches, as well as dirt and gravel lanes or roadways.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements


Land Pride Quick-Hitches allow you to quickly and easily hook and unhook 3-point implements, some without ever leaving the tractor seat. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Disc Harrows

Land Pride Disc Harrows open and break up the soil surface to help prepare the soil seedbed for planting. They have uses in landscaping, nurseries,  farms, food plots, construction, and arenas. Model selection is dependent on application.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

All-Flex Mowers

Land Pride All-Flex Mowers provide excellent cut quality and performance in turf grasses and well manicured areas of fairways, parks, schoolyards, sports fields, and small estates. Available in sizes from 11' to 22'.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Grading Scrapers

Land Pride Grading Scrapers perform maintenance on gravel surfaces, eliminating potholes, washboards, and even creating and maintaining a crown with ease. Applications range from landscaping, farms and ranches, hunting camps, large estates, sod farms, and even construction sites depending on model selection.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Food Plot Seeder

Land Pride's Food Plot Seeder prepares the seedbed, broadcasts seeds, and presses seeds into the soil  with a trailing roller/packer. Applications include food plots, ranches, farms, game preserves, landscaping, hobby farming, small nurseries, and gardens.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

All-Purpose Seeders

Land Pride All-Purpose Seeders are excellent combination planting and cultivation tools. Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent to sidewalks, community parks, sporting facilities, and golf courses. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Compact Drills

Land Pride Compact Drills perform like large drills but are at home in wooded areas, orchards, vineyards, and among trees and other obstacles in pastures, as well as traditional crop planting in min-till and no-till applications. Depending on model selection, they are ideal for seeding in a wide variety of applications from pasture renovation to utility reclamation or food plot seeding. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Powered Rakes

Land Pride Powered Rakes grade, level, shape, cultivate, renovate, and pulverize various types of soil surfaces for landscapers and are also a versatile tool for raking or windrowing soil, rocks, and construction debris.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Fertilizer Spreaders

Land Pride Fertilizer Spreaders excel at spreading fertilizer in a variety of applications, but also are good spreading sand or salt for control of ice and snow. Applications range from farms, golf courses, athletic fields, municipalities, and orchards and vineyards.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Pasture Aerators

Land Pride Pasture Aerators fracture the soil, allowing it to absorb water faster, minimizing run-off, as well as permitting  oxygen and nutrients to reach deeper to the plant roots. Works well in agricultural conservation tillage and pasture renovations. 
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Rotary Tillers

Land Pride Rotary Tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation and have uses in residential landscaping and gardening, nurseries, farms, municipalities, golf courses and commercial applications depending on model selection.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Grooming Mowers

Land Pride Grooming Mowers provide excellent cut quality on well maintained lawn and turf grasses Applications range from homeowners, parks, and golf courses up to heavy commercial use depending on model selection.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Post Hole Diggers

Land Pride Post Hole Diggers aide in digging a variety of holes – from posts to footings to trees. They are well suited for landscapers, rental yards, contractors, farmers, and homeowners, depending on model selection.
Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements

Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments/Implements


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