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ZG300 Series

The commercial-grade ZG300 Series is designed for everyone from city and commercial landscape crews to property owners with acres of ground to cover. For industry-leading power, efficiency and durability choose Kubota. Choose between side or rear discharge, 60” decks and Kubota gasoline engines.

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Built for Power, Durability and Performance

ZG300 mowers are available with durable 27 gross HP Kubota air cooled gasoline engines, and feature deep mower decks for exceptional cutting performance.

Comfortable and Easy Operation

  • Full-flat operator platform
  • Adjustable, high-back deluxe suspension seat with armrests, lumbar support, weight adjustment and more for a custom fit
  • 1/4" increment cutting height adjustment with the simple twist of a dial
  • Adjustable speed control levers
  • Hands-free parking brake
  • Large, 12.9 gal fuel tank for more efficient working

Hands-Free Hydraulic Lift

Kubota's advanced hydraulic deck lift pedal system allows the operator to easily raise and lower the deck with foot pedals, so easy access and quick response is never a problem.

Front Axle

The ZG300 Series features a rigid front axle helps deliver an even cut while mowing rough terrain.

High-performance HST transmission

For superior durability, the ZG Series features an integral-type, twin-hydrostatic transmission. Except for an occasional fluid change, its hermetically-sealed structure requires no maintenance or belts to change.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance has never been so easy. For interior maintenance, the sturdy seat panel is simply lifted up for clear access and an unobstructed view. By opening the hood, it's easy to perform routine maintenance – like adding oil – in mere seconds. Plus, there's a maintenance hatch on the full-flat platform, with a built-in storage pocket for easy access to the upper mower, gearbox case and universal joint parts.

Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up, maintenance lift feature* allows the front of the ZG300 Series to be easily raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower, making routine maintenance underneath the mower quick and simple. It’s like having a built-in jack right there when you need it.
*Stand type maintenance lift kit is optional on ZG327.


Catch All – 2 bag style grass catcher

Deluxe Canopy

Protect yourself from the elements.

Maintenance Lift Kit - ZG3127

Lawn mower maintenance like blade sharpening and debris removal is quick and convenient with the maintenance lift kit option.

Mulching Kits

ZG3049 - 48" Mulch Kit for ZG222-48S
ZD3145 - 48" Mulch kit for ZG222-48
ZG3156 - 54" Mulch kit for ZG227-54 and ZD221-54
ZD3157 - 60 " Mulch kit for ZG227L-60


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