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SZ Series

SZ19-36 / SZ22-48 / SZ26-52 / SZ26-61

The Kubota SZ Series commercial stand-on is the answer to get more done, faster and more efficiently, in even the tightest spaces while delivering superior comfort and durability. 


Quick & Agile

The Kubota SZ Series stand-on mower fuses the power and speed of a commercial zero-turn with an agile commercial walk behind to quickly get the job done with no compromises. 

Visibility & Ease On/Off

Standing while mowing naturally provides more visibility than sitting.  The Kubota SZ series stand-on mower will allow operator’s to see their surroundings to quickly get on and off the machine to pick up more trash more than ever.

Avoid Overhead Obstacles

Continue to mow with the ability to duck under low overhead obstacles like tree branches with the Kubota SZ Series stand-on mower.

Confined & Tight Spaces

Get into backyard gates or any narrow space with the Kubota SZ Series stand-on mower. 

More On The Trailer

With a naturally smaller footprint, the Kubota SZ Series stand-on mower will allow professionals to fit more mowers on their trailers.

Ergonomic Cushion Pad

Stylish Kubota cushion pad providing side bolstering and upper thigh support for maximum comfort to the operator.

Adjustable Smooth & Dampened Control Levers

The 3 position adjustable damper allows the operator to customize the lever force to meet desired comfort and driving preference.

EFI Dial-Type Throttle Control (52-inch and 61-inch models)

On the EFI model, adjust the throttle with a simple turn of a dial. 

Foldable Operator Platform

Have the versatility of standing or walking behind the machine. 

Tool-less Adjustable Front Reference Bar

Simply turn the front knob to adjust the front reference bar to fit the operator’s hands.

Tool-less Control Lever Tracking Adjustment

Avoid double cutting to achieve clean straight lines of cut.

Flat-Free Front Tire (Semi-Pneumatic)

Forget about the flats on the front tires and reduce downtime to increase time for more cutting.      

Ease of Maintenance

Being able to access maintenance points are important to keep the machine going for maximum productivity. 

Kawasaki FX & FT EFI Series Engines

Commercial grade performance to finish jobs faster with exceptional cut quality

Hydro-Gear Integrated Transmissions

Superior maneuverability & traction control professionals expect


Discharge Plate

Keep grass and debris out of the flower bed or any other well-groomed areas. 

Mulching Kit

Recycle nutrient-rich grass clippings to naturally fertilize the lawn. 

Weight Kit (36-inch model)

Add additional weight upfront. 


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